Tammy Olson #1247024

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me and this great company.  I am a mortgage loan originator and am able to help my clients receive the best loan to serve their purposes for their current and future fiscal well being.  I have an office in Modesto, but work… Read More

Emily Martinez #325899

Emily’s career in mortgage lending spans more than 20 years and her success has grown from her commitment to helping her clients as a trusted advisor. She has worked as loan officer and as a consultant in the mortgage industry. During her time consulting, she has trained lenders and has… Read More

Savannah Sprague #1465458

I have always been fascinated with the real estate industry. I started my career in mortgage lending as a Loan Processor, determined to learn all I could before representing clients as a loan officer. With a processing background and now as a Loan Officer, I have become well versed in… Read More

Penny Barker #323622

Being a Native to Modesto, CA I have seen our community change a lot over the years. I started working as a teenager and have always believed in working diligently at whatever I do. I’ve been actively working in the Real Estate Industry over 20 years and 12 of those… Read More

Lissa McElroy #330931

Lissa brought years of experience to Ambeck Mortgage when she joined the company in 1990 as a loan officer. Since being in the mortgage lending industry since 1976 she realized that Ambeck Mortgage provided her the tools to offer the best service,… Read More

Sharon Rocha #311212

I have been in the mortgage business since 1990. My years of experience have taught me the value of customer service.  Buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions that most people will make in their lifetime. I take… Read More

Marcy Nomelli #288634

My mission as the Production Manager at Ambeck Mortgage Associates is to maximize the skill and time of our loan officers. My experience since 1978 in the mortgage business includes all aspects from the ground up. By continuing to have my clients… Read More

Kathy Maez #1082129

Having experience in the banking industry since 2007 has enabled me to utilize my knowledge of finance and customer service into mortgage lending. As your mortgage loan officer, I believe communication is crucial throughout the transaction.  I model my business… Read More